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  • Tube Data
    Alan "A.J." Franzman Nixie Tube Cross-reference Data
    Alexandre Simionovski Cathode-ray tube datasheets
    Андрей Федюков (Andrey Fedjukov) Tubedata (ru)
    Bill Beech (NJ7P) Tube data base
    Dmitry Kondakov Reference book for Russian tubes (ru)
    Duncan Amps - Duncan Munro Tube Data Sheet Locator
    Dr. Tube tube data and amplifier circuit diagrams
    Frank Philipse Frank's Electron tube Pages
    Franz Hamberger Electron Tube and Valve Charts and more
    Jim de Kort VT52, Tube Info, DIY Corner
    Konstantin Soviet Tube data
    Makoto Takeuchi Hard to find Tubedata (jp)
    The National Valve Museum Data and photos of many tubes
    Nikolai Onoufriev Klausmobile Russian Tube Directory (ru/en)
    Pete Millett's DIY Audio Pages. Lots of tube related documents!
    Radomir Aujezdský Alfa Tubes (cz)
    Ronald Dekker Ronald's electronic Project Site
    Thomas Rapp Röhrenmuseum
    Thorsten Kliefoth Audio Antik
    Tom Jennings Electron tube database
    Tom Schlangen Plate curves
    Tosen Vacuum Tube Site
    Russian Tubes Tubedata
    Triode Electronics Tube Data Page
    Wumpus´s Old Radio World
    Åke Holm Tubedata

    Tube Collection
    Dieter 's Nixie- Röhren- Sammlung
    Henk Dijkstra The Cathode Ray Tube site
    Hans-Thomas Schmidt Tube Collection (de)
    JMH 's Virtual Valve Museum
    John Jenkins Antique Wireless and Scientific Instruments
    O'Neill's Electronic Museum
    Udo Radtke Tube Collection

    Tube Radio
    Arjan Muil - World of Wireless Virtual Radiomuseum
    Beert's virtueel RadioMuseum
    Ben Dijkman Replica stuff
    Martin Hájek Czechoslovakia radiomuseum
    Dave Schmarder Dave's Homemade Tube Radios
    Dmitry Kondakov Old Radio (ru)
    Dmitry Melnichansky Tube Radio Blog
    Gabriele IK6QNE OldTimeadio (it)
    Ernst Erb Radio Museum - Old radios and related equipment for radio collectors
    Gerard Tel Gerard's Radio Corner
    Gerwin Menkhorst Lampenradio.nl (nl)
    Gidi Verheijen Antique Radio Homepage
    Hans Klunder Tube Radio's
    Jan Martin Nöding Radio Communication equipment
    Jan Thøgersen collection of vintage Bang & Olufsen products
    Jogi's Röhrenbude
    John Hupse John's Radio Web
    Jos Lauth Old Tube Radio (Vintage Radio)
    Just Radios Antique Radio Schematics and Capacitors
    Karel de Reus Karels oude radio page (nl)
    Kees van Dijke ’s Radio Verzameling (nl)
    Levend TV Museum
    Mario Huizinga Mario's Place
    Martin Hájek Virtual museum of old radios in Czechoslovakia
    Meyer Radios Brasileiros
    Michiel van der Smeede De oude radio's van Michiel (nl) -091023-->
    Mike Horne Mike's radio collection
    Nostalgia Air Vintage Radio References
    Ole´s Vintage Radioer
    Radio Historia Hungarians radios (hu)
    Radio Historia Czechoslovak radios (sk)
    Olens Radio Museum
    Onno's E-Page
    Otto Tuil Otto's radio en TV museum (nl)
    Petr Jeníček With data about Tesla tubes (cs)
    Philip van Apeldoorn Philips Radio Oldies (nl)
    Piet Blaas Website (nl)
    René Engels René's oude radio's (nl)
    Richards Radios website
    Rob Hooft about music and AMROH
    Robert L Grimley Early Philips Colour TV Receivers
    Scott W. Harvey Beitman's Most-Often-Needed Radio Diagrams (now at Dave Schmarder )
    Rolf Bergendorffs Radio Museum
    Stephan Smeets Stephan's radioverzameling (nl)
    Thierry Magis Radiocollection
    Wil Manshande Philips verzamelpagina. (lots of schematics)
    Wouter Nieuwlaat Wouter's Antieke Radio Site

    Tube Audio
    One Electron John Atwood - John scanned lots of datasheets present on my tube data pages!
    AlterAudio DIY tube audio amps, preamps & more (it)
    Bureau Belper RB Electronica (nl)
    Clarisonus Weblog dedicated to the exploration and discussion of how technology makes good sound
    Carlos Eduardo Foltran Foltran’s Vacuum Tube Site
    Dennis Grimwood tube information and audio amplifier circuits
    Fabio Ruggeri Ascolto Stereo a Valvole
    Gijs klassieke philips audio. Includes service docs (nl)
    Hans Borngräber Röhren-Kramladen
    Jürgen Ewert International Research & Consulting
    Kilian Leonhardt Tube Synthesizer & Relais computer (de)
    Larry Schematic Heaven
    Mattijs de Vries MachMat tube and high-efficiency pages
    Norman Koren A resource for designing tube amplifiers with SPICE simulation Ralf Suertenich Audio and Vacuum tubes
    Raymond van Weeghel Raymond's pages on DIY audio
    Welcome to t3h GeeK ZonE
    Tomasz Wójkowski Informative about tube amps! (pl)
    Tom Bavis Audio-, Radio-, Techno-phool
    Ulrich Haumann The Plasma Speaker Homepage
    YS audio With tube circuit diagrams

    Amateur Radio & Military Equipment
    AC6V Amateur Radio and DX Reference Guide
    Antoni Bernabe Radio Liberty
    Crystal Palace Radio & Electronics Club
    David Kirkby Power Amplifiers, tubes and Related Items - G8WRB
    Jan Poortman PA3ESY
    Klaus-Peter Jung A Museum for Western and Eastern military radio
    Louis Meulstee Wireless for the Warrior
    VERON Vereniging voor Experimenteel Radio Onderzoek in Nederland
    VMARS The Vintage and Military Amateur Radio Society

    Tube (Radio) Associations
    TCAThe Tube Collectors Association
    AVRS Australian Vintage Radio Society Inc.
    AWA Antique Wireless Association
    DARC Club Husum M04 (de)
    GFGF radio-collectors club in Germany (de)
    HRSA Historical Radio Society of Australia Inc.
    HRČS Historický radioklub Československý (cz)
    NHRF Norwegian Historical Radio Society
    NVHR Nederlandse Vereniging voor de Historie van de Radio (nl)
    NZART New Zealand Association of Radio Transmitters
    NZVRS New Zealand Vintage Radio Society Inc
    OKVRC Oklahoma Vintage Radio Collectors
    OVRC Ottawa Vintage Radio Club
    SARS Southeast Antique Radio Society
    SPARC The Society for the Preservation of Antique Radio in Canada
    SRHS Radiohistorical Society of Finland

    Tube Manufacturers
    See the DATA SHEETS pages and click on 'Brand'. Or click here for the pocnet mirror.

    Museums / History
    Early Television Foundation and Museum
    Foundation for German communication and related technologies (History of Technology)
    Museum Jan Corver is a museum dedicated to radio hams and amateur radio (nl)
    Philips Historische Producten (nl)
    Philips Museum (nl)
    Radio En Speelgoed Museum Onstwedde (nl)
    Radiomuseum Bocket (de)
    Radiowelt Peter & Doris Roggenhofer (de)
    SBR radiomuseumt' Eeuwfeestpaleisje (be)
    technikum29 Museum of Computer and Communication Technology
    virtuális rádiómúzeum Virtual Radio Museum in Budapest (hu)

    Tube Groups
    Vacuum Tubes (en/de)

    Tube Forums
    Nederlands Forum over Oude Radio´s (nl/en)
    Hi End Audio (Poland)

    Tubes (selling)
    Tubesworld (nl)
    Altana (br)
    Jan Wüsten (de)
    Antique Electronic Supply (us)
    Tubeworld (us)
    Electronenbuizen (nl)

    Links 2 Links
    Nederland Forum over Oude Radio's Links page

    Digital Antiques & Semiconductors
    Allard Schaap Allard's Computermuseum Groningen
    Jan de Groot Vintage Transistors
    Jan van de Veen Wang Museum
    Katherine Wasserman Vintage (pre-LCD) Calculator Manuals
    N.Komatsu Nice site with old digital IC's (jp)
    Rick Bensene The Old Calculators Web Museum
    Serge Devidts Calcuseum
    The Dawn of Personal Electronic Calculators and Computers by DoPECC

    Other (family, friends, etc...)
    Ankie See her paintings!
    AGORA Nanda
    Nanda MySpace YouTube My daughter - hear&see her sing!
    'Poort Naar Atlantis' ('Gateway to Atlantis'), an on-line book written by my mother (nl)
    Stella's Tomb Raider Site I like the Tomb Raider games
    The Hague, Den Haag Lots of nice photos of the place where I was born (nl)
    Photographic Memorabilia by Maurice Fisher
    Jo Holloway - Sunpenny Publishing
    Studio van der Scheer
    Toneelwerkgroep Proloog